Timeframe for reassessment

Unions who achieve an award retain their quality rating for three years, providing they submit the information which demonstrates that they meet the Part A requirements, on an annual basis.

The union’s quality rating lasts for a maximum of three years. In order to retain a quality rating, beyond the three year period, unions will be required to undergo fresh audit.

If a union is reassessed within three years, the new level of assessment will supersede the previous one. The triggers for a reassessment within the three year period are detailed below.

Unions should endeavour to keep their self-assessment statements up to date in the intervening 3 years in between audits, as part of their annual planning cycle. After 3 years the union will be subject to a further audit of their overall attainment.

The first audit is conducted on site at the students’ union, via a series of meetings with key stakeholders to validate the union’s self-assessment.

The year 3 audit takes place remotely, using telephone or video conferencing interviews where possible, and the audit at year 6 is held on site.

Triggers for reassessment within 3 years include:

Within the 3 year period, a reassessment of the audit level and an additional onsite visit could be triggered if significant change occurs within the union or concerns are raised that a union is not performing to the level of their accreditation:

In these circumstances the union will not incur any fee for an additional audit.

If a union achieves a significant improvement in their performance and decides that they want to be audited within their 3 year cycle, in order to try and raise their attainment level, then they can do so. However, the union will incur an additional fee to cover the associated costs. Contact the Quality Students’ Union Team for details of the associated fees.

Further details of the audit process, including timescales, can be found in the resources section of the hub.