The Process

Quality Students’ Unions is a based upon a self-assessment model and uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative measures. Each students’ union undertakes an annual self-assessment. The self-assessment is split into two sections; Part A and Part B.

Login to participate

Each union has their own login area of the hub where they can fill in all their information online and upload associated materials. The union can view the criteria and complete their own self-assessment detailing how they meet the qualifying criteria.

Part A

Part A is designed to ensure that all participating students’ unions are able to demonstrate basic minimum standards for organisational good health. Part A is simple to complete and unions are required to submit this information return on an annual basis.

Any Union that fails to meet all of the minimum standards will not be able to access Part B and will not be eligible to achieve an award.

Unions that meet the minimum requirements are credited with a ’Working towards accreditation’ status and are eligible to proceed to Part B.

Part B

Unions complete a qualitative self-assessment for Part B, in the form a brief description of the union’s performance against each of the 12 components.

Unions judge their own performance against the descriptors for each component using ‘best fit’. Unions do not have to demonstrate every single characteristic detailed in the descriptor for each level in order to achieve the standard.

Part B is not designed to be a tick box approach. Rather the union needs to demonstrate that they broadly correspond to the level they have assessed themselves as, taking into account their local context.

A numerical aggregation of these 12 self-judgements provides an overall statement of the union’s (self-assessed) performance. This is automatically calculated by the online hub.

Within the quality rating there are some components that create a ceiling which means that a union cannot achieve an overall rating which is higher than the level they score for this component part.

Following self-assessment, the union is able to request an audit in order to have their self-assessment verified against the criteria.

Part B Audit

For more information about the Part B audit follow his link for further details


Following an audit, the union will be confirmed as Excellent, Very good, Good or Working towards. Further information about how this rating is formed can be accessed via the Quality Rating section of the site.