Self Assessment and 'best-fit'


Quality Students’ Unions is based upon a self-assessment model. Unions complete an online self-assessment which then audited by an independent auditor.

Self-assessment has several purposes:

Participating unions are required to write a self-assessment statement for each of the 12 components to create an overall self-assessment workbook. There is no right way or wrong way to write a self-assessment but all self-assessment statements should include a number of key features. They should:

Click here for an example self-assessment statement

Best fit

Unions should grade their performance, identified through their self-assessment, against the quality mark descriptors. A union’s specific activities will not necessarily match entire descriptors and it is likely that the union will be able to relate elements of what it does to more than one of the grade levels.

Unions must use a ‘best fit’ judgement to determine which level is closest to their self-assessment. This judgement will be the union’s conclusion for each component.