Quality Rating


The auditor will use a numerical score to determine if the union is Excellent (3), Very good (2), Good (1) or Working towards (0) against each of the 12 components.

The overall quality rating will be drawn from an aggregation of the 12 key components, using the average of the 12 scores. This score will be restricted by ceilings within the scoring system. 

Quality rating

Average score


Equal to or greater than 2.5

Very good

greater than or equal to 1.5, but less than 2.5


Less than 1.5

Working towards

Less than 0.5

Unions who do not score highly in relation to the five ceilings components, detailed below, will have their overall scoring restricted. Unions will not be able to achieve an overall score that is higher than their score for any of the 5 ceilings.

Ceiling components

The ceiling components are:

For example, if a union is judged to be ‘Very good’ for democracy an overall quality rating of ‘Very good’ is the maximum that can be achieved regardless of the standard reached in other areas.

The same principle applies to each of the five components listed above. These five components have been selected as they are fundamental features of effective students’ unions.