Part B Audit

Arranging the audit

Following achievement of a Working towards rating, a students’ union can complete their Part B self-assessment and apply via the online booking system to have it audited.

The request for audit will automatically generate communication to the Quality Students’ Unions team at NUS, who will allocate an auditor and communicate this to the union.

Before the audit

NUS will:

The auditor will:

The union will:

During the audit

1. The auditor will initially meet the union president and chief executive (or their substitutes). It is expected that the union president and chief executive will be present, it is only acceptable for a substitute to step in if the union president or chief executive are absent due to extenuating circumstances, such as unforeseen illness.

2. The auditor will then conduct meetings with the various stakeholders as agreed in advance. The auditor will use the audit schedule to direct their enquiries, focusing on validating the self-assessment judgements made by the union.

The auditor will record all findings clearly, together with their grading. They will highlight evidence that is used to substantiate key conclusions and will identify and record areas for improvement throughout the audit. Evidence that is of a confidential nature should be clearly marked as such.

3. The auditor will meet at the end of the second day with the union’s leaders (or their substitutes) to feed back their initial findings. This meeting should allow questions to be asked around the audit’s findings.

It is very important that this meeting is two-way discussion based on the audit’s findings. The auditor should seek, wherever possible, to ensure that the union understands and agrees with how a quality rating has been determined.

This meeting is also an opportunity for the union to address areas where the auditor may have missed salient points. The auditor must ensure that this discussion is constructive without being protracted.

Before the audit is concluded the auditor must ensure that the union has been informed of:

The auditor will provide a provisional report. The overall quality rating is not formalised until the union is informed in writing after the conclusion of the audit. This is because the audit will be subject to moderation to ensure consistency.

After the audit

The union will be sent a formal audit report within 15 working days of their audit, which will state their overall quality rating together with the audit conclusions for each of the 12 components.

The report will detail the evidence base for the audit conclusions and, where the auditor has disagreed with a union’s self-assessment, it will include details of why the union did not achieve its perceived performance level.

The union will also be sent details of the appeal process.